Home Birthday Parties Rock!

Home Birthday Parties Rock!

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Home Birthday Parties are better!

Some of my warmest childhood memories are of the home birthday parties my Mom and Dad organized for me and my friends. To those of you are already overextended as parents, spouses, professionals, and home taxi drivers, the thought of having to plan and throw a party at home is a formidable undertaking. But it doesn't have to be. And believe me when I tell you that there are few things that bring the emotional return on investment of seeing your child in his/her glory as the reigning birthday king or queen. These are moments to be treasured forever!

Aside from the warm fuzzies, there are practical reasons to consider having the birthday celebration at home:

You control the nutritional content.

Sure, no one enjoys a party where everything's made from carrots! Equally, watching a bunch of six year old whirling dervishes on a sugar high is not my idea of a good time. A home party allows you to balance nutrition between healthy, good-for-you and junk food. And if you have guests with allergies, you can ensure that they are properly protected without being embarrassed by the attention.

You control the environment.

Impress everyone by turning that dark basement into a fairy castle filled with Trolls or converting the family room into a monkey jungle full of Curious Georges. Get the whole family involved in creating and decorating!

For Trolls party ideas, check out: http://soiree-eventdesign.com/2016/11/trend-alert-host-your-trolls-party-with-these-trolls-party-ideas/

For Curious George party ideas, see: http://www.pbs.org/parents/birthday-parties/curious-george-birthday-party/

You control the activities.

You can adjust the pace, bring out the shy guests, balance letting off steam with joyfully opening presents, and maintain a schedule that ends the party just as parents arrive to pick up their offspring.

You provide for the safety and security of your little guests.

I've had a mild panic when a kid disappears in a bowling alley but I've never had a child get lost in my house! I know exactly where my guests are and who is going to pick them up and when.

And finally,

you control the costs at a level that's right for your budget. In the case, "cost" is influenced by the number of guests you plan to have and the amount you intend to spend per the guest (food, loot bags, etc.) and the overall party costs (decorations, games, and entertainment).

What has having a birthday party at home meant for you and your family? Write me at: Brittany@HappyBirthdayKit.ca. I'll publish the best stories in an upcoming blog.

Brittany has been having birthdays and home birthday parties as long as she can remember. She channels her joy of birthdays and children into her blog for HappyBirthdayKit.ca






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