Odometers and Birthdays

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Sometime around January 1st, when I change the calendar to a new year, it always reminds me of the odometer on my car rolling over as it approaches a new milestone -- another hundred kilometers or another thousand kilometers.  On an automobile these changes indicate reaching a new plateau.  Unless you're a car nut, proud of hitting 300,000 km on your 2005 Beetle, this is no big deal. 

A child sees the coming of a new year as much more than an odometer rollover.  One day they're saying "next year I'll turn 8".  Then all of a sudden they're proclaiming "In a few weeks/months, I am going to be 8".  New Year's Day somehow brings that next birthday much closer.  And with that realization comes all of the excitement and anticipation of this approaching milestone.

That small bit of wishful thinking carries with it all sorts of aspirations and dreams:

  • "then I'll be able to stay up until 9 o'clock"
  • "I'll only be a year younger than my brother. Well for a while anyway."
  • "for my birthday party this year, I'm going to..."
  • "my allowance will go up!"
  • "I can go to visit Grandma by myself".

As a parent, part of the joy is sharing in the delight that another birthday brings.  That is what motivates me to go the extra distance and make every child's birthday an unforgettable celebration.  By organizing a truly child-centred party -- not for parents, not for family, not for the invited guests -- I recognize the real importance that, besides perhaps Christmas, for at least one day a year, a child should be allowed to enjoy what they want.

 But let's be realistic!  I am the one who does the lion's share of the party planning and preparation.  So there has to be a level of practicality so that I can pull it off and still do the other thousand things a mother does.  We all know how many details are involved.  That's why the most important first step is agreeing on a concept or theme for the party with the birthday celebrant-to-be.  Does he or she want an all-purpose theme like emoji or a character-based theme like Paw Patrol?  Informed by this critical decision, I can begin party planning in earnest.

Happy Birthday Kit offers time-saving collections of themed party decorations, tableware, and supplies including filled loot bags.  Now they also provide economical generic Do-It-Yourself components that allow you to build your own theme, drawing on these supplies which you can pair to their amazing selection of loot bags

The beginning of a memorable birthday party is only a click away.   Just add cake!


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